Ethnic GEM, Miguel Caban
TITLE: Senior Solutions Engineer
STATE: Connecticut


Written by Wesley Webb, Senior Writer

The current jobs available in technology are severely underrepresented for People of Color is not surreptitious. This ongoing narrative awaits professional and cultural reform within the fast-growing industry. Those who identify as Hispanic and Latino account for only 8% of the prominent commerce. Miguel Caban is an exclusive part of the ongoing marginal percentage. It is an accomplished Senior Solutions Engineer with the leading global provider of security and cloud-based software solutions company Datto.

Miguel has decided to pursue his Bachelor of Science degree from Post University in Computer Information Systems. His education has contributed to a decade of experience in disaster recovery solutions, customer success management, and environment design and implementation consultation. While Caban’s role in tech as a person of color is an inspiration that stands on its own, additional accomplishments indeed take notice as being an influential member of the Presales Collective, which serves as a fellowship for presales engineers and consultants.

In 2017, Caban was awarded Sales Engineer of the quarter for leading his department in the most revenue influenced and being the most traveled engineer. Miguel acknowledges his first director of sales engineering Daniel Vaz and his wife, Stephanie Caban, as his most significant mentors. He praises his wife for inspiring him to further his education and primary director for the “practical advice on building relationships with our partners and clients.” Caban’s influences are an imperative inspiration for marginalized communities. His experience as a senior engineer developed into mentorship as he also serves as an Advisory Board member for the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Waterbury area. Next, Miguel will take his experience in cybersecurity and strive to be a private security consultant within the next five years.

Welcome Ethnic GEM Miguel Caban!

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