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April – June 2022 Publisher’s Notes:

Our Featured Story  Meet Crystal Williams, Rhode Island School of Design’s New President  A teacher, leader, advocate and poet all wrapped up in one person.  These qualities and attributes along with decades of proving leadership and more importantly results, has Crystal Williams primed to lead as the New President at RISD!  Read her story!


Our Lead StoryMerieta Bayata, Photographer, Photo-Stylist and Entrepreneur” Her presence is felt not just in Connecticut and the US, but Merieta has become a global success.  Having traveled to Europe as successful author, mentor, influencer, motivational speaker, photographer and now add financial planner to her resume, she is making a positive impact!  Follow her road to success in this article.


Under Trending: “Covid Ain’t Over til It’s Over” Vaccinations, booster shots are all readily available, but it doesn’t mean we are out of the woods with Covid!  We still must be careful, mindful and respectful of ourselves and others.  The Boston group “Black Boston Covid-19 Coalition” (BBCC) has been on the forefront since March of 2020 providing support, leadership and resources.  It’s not over and the BBCC is still working hard.  A must-read story.


The Arts & Events Section  Broadway and Entertainment is ALIVE and well.  From shows in NY, CT and Boston, Ethnic Online is proud to “partner” with companies like Realemin Productions, International Festival of Arts & Ideas and the Shubert Theatre just to name a few!  Of course, you can’t miss our 8th Annual Derby Party Fundraiser on May 15th.




Finance Top Scholarships for Black Students in 2022.  With high school students ready to graduate and enter that next step of college, finances can be challenging for some.  There is MONEY available!  Check out the finance article, you’ll be presently surprised.


 Health April is National Minority Health Month – Mental Health is not selective. It effects everyone, men, women, children, young and old!  What are some signs of mental health?  How can we get ahead of it? What are some resources out there to address mental health?  Don’t get caught up in the stigma of thinking that mental health is just not possible for you,  get the necessary help today!


Ethnic GEMS & Ethnic GEMS in the Making We are always proud to highlight the contributions and accomplishments of New England’s GEMS.  Whether a seasoned professional like the legendary Attorney Joe Feaster or Engineer Alivia Grate, these GEMS are guaranteed to inspire, motivate or educate you with their stories.  Enjoy!


 Thank you for reading Ethnic Online and as always, let us know your thoughts!




Leonard Webb


Publisher & Founder


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