Parnian Emami

School: University of Hartford

Major: Film and Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations.

GPA: 3.52

By: Tammy Patterson, Contributing Writer

University of Hartford Junior Parnian Emami is a born planner with a dream and has the determination and zest for life to make it come true. She is a double major in Film and Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations. Parnian has a 3.52 GPA and belongs to Reel Film Club holding office as a founder and President, Public Relation Society of America and Student TV network.

pemamiThis Tehran, Iranian native moved to the States in 2010 but has made Hartford, CT her home since coming to UH in the fall 2012. Parnian is very visual and sees people as an individual chapters in big world book. With her studies she plans to tell stories that she would not be able to do in her home country. “Everyone has a story, “she says and her plan is to present documentation of women of her corner of the world, young people whose opportunities all over the world are diminishing due to the lack of opportunities to train and hire, as well as those who work hard, but are forgotten because few people see them in our world as unique and precious.

She impresses you with her keen determination to boldly share new stories of the human experience with integrity. Parnian sees her time in our country as a great privilege and believes in hard work to make her dreams come true. In five years, Ms. Emami sees herself as an event planner for the entertainment industry. This step will be the first of many to what promises to be a great contribution from a gifted woman to the world of film and visual arts.

This Ethnic Gem in the Making will certainly be in demand upon graduation!!

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