Kemar Edwards

Ethnic Gem: Kemar Edwards
School: University of Hartford
Major: Biology
GPA: 3.80

By: Tammy Patterson, Contributing Writer

Trips to the beach as a young boy led Kemar Edwards to the career he pursues today. It was at beaches in his native Manchester, Jamaica and on family trips in the United States that he discovered sea urchins, starfish and other echinoderm.

kedwardsDuring his childhood, he also watched a lot of David Attenborough documentaries which nurtured an interest in marine and mammalian biology. Over time his interest led to the idea to pursue the life sciences as a career. Edward will start this fall as a junior at University of Hartford (UH), majoring in Biology with a current GPA of 3.80.

Kemar is active on campus inside and outside the classroom. He is a member of UH Certified Peer Tutor program in the Department of Biology, the UH Honors Program and the UH French Club in the Department of International Studies. Kemar has also made the Dean’s and President’s Lists. In five years, he sees himself in medical school studying to become an allopathic physician. An allopathic physician is a medical doctor who that treats illness and injury by using methods aimed at counteracting problems.

These physicians use pharmaceutical drugs, radiation and surgery in their execution of treatment. With high academic achievement and no slowing down of student involvement on campus,

Ethnic Gem in the Making: Dr. Kemar Edwards has a pretty nice sound!

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