Ethnic GEM, Donald McAulay, Jr.

Ethnic GEM: Donald McAulay, Jr.  

Title: Assistant Professor of Management  

Company:  Quinnipiac University School of Business  

State: New Haven, CT  

Submitted by Leonard Webb 


This Ethnic GEM was born and raised in New Haven, CT, and, in his words, was “called to do the work that I do today. I am naturally motivated to fulfill my purpose as opposed to being self-directed. I have always been interested in leadership, and in my late 20s, I developed a passion for educating and dispelling inequalities within the classroom.   

Say hello to Assistant Professor of Management Donald McAulay Jr., Quinnipiac University School of Business.  A proud graduate of the University of Connecticut, Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Learning, Leadership, & Educational Policy and Master of Science, Sport & Fitness Administration/Management from Troy University has him primed for his current role.   

Achieving the next level of professionalism often requires reaching out and surrounding ourselves with folks who can assist and guide us. Assistant Professor McAulay Jr. mentioned that “he wholeheartedly believes in giving credit where credit is due. This list of mentors could get extremely long: God, Family (immediate and distant), Friends, and Community. In a short list, Donald D. McAulay Sr., Debbie Stanley-McAulay, Terrie Estes, Dr. Joseph Cooper, Dr. Aj Keaton, Dr. Marc Williams, President Chris Rey, Dr. Brian Martin, Dr. Jody Allen, Dr. Edward Joyner.” 

Currently affiliated with Quinnipiac University, The New Haven Board of Education, The City of New Haven’s Youth Commission, The Social Justice Reader Program, Athlete Alliance Brand, and the New Haven Graduate Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., keeps Assistant Professor McAulay Jr. focused while constantly making a difference in the lives of others. 

You can find Assistant Professor McAulay Jr. relaxing at the local bowling lane, roller-skating, indoor rock climbing, hiking, or doing a good old-fashioned workout when not engaged in his profession.   

We talked about his 5-year goals, and without hesitation, he said, “to successfully represent Quinnipiac University in a way that supports tenure promotion. I want my personal business (i.e., Athlete Alliance) to flourish. Currently working on our Academic Enrichment and Support Program, the goal is to reach over 10,000+ students in the next three years. I want students like my experience and complexion to know and understand that resources and opportunities are available.”  

If you know Assistant Professor Donald McAulay Jr.  be sure to congratulate him on being an Ethnic GEM!  





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