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The Holidays are finally behind us!! We are all looking forward to Spring. But What does that mean for real estate? Most home sellers believe that Spring is the best time to put their home on the market. The psychology behind this is that they believe that people do not want to house hunt while it is cold, therefore they believe that they can sell their home for money in the Spring and Summer months.

This is not necessarily true. Housing inventory is still historically low. This means that there are more buyers than there are homes available. For example, there are only 31 single family homes for sale in the city of New Haven at the time of this writing. That is barely a month supply of available homes. Even if you aren’t thinking of selling, it is always a good idea to have your home evaluated by a real estate professional every 6 months to a year to see your home’s value.

You should also consult a professional before you make any improvements to your home. We can help guide you towards the renovations that will increase the value of your home while saving you from spending too much money on things that won’t translate to sweat equity. This is done at no cost to you!! Maybe you are considering buying but are on the fence because you have heard that rates have gone up. There are so many programs that we have to offer, including helping you become a cash buyer!! Please reach out to me for more details.

Happy Spring!!
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