Ethnic GEM: Joseph Feaster

 Ethnic GEM: Joseph Feaster

Profession:  Attorney & Community Activist

State: Massachusetts

 Submitted by Wesley Webb, Senior Contributing Editor

My mother used to mention to me about becoming an attorney when I was applying for college.  So, in 1966 when asked what career I would pursue, I said law and then in 1967 enrolled in the initial class of the new College of Criminal Justice at Northeastern.” Joseph D. Feaster jr., Esq.,

Attorney Joe Feaster, second from the right keeping his mother’s promise.

Joseph D. Feaster Jr., Esq., has since exceeded his mother’s expectations earning notable degrees and certificates from Northeastern University, Harvard’s- John F. Kennedy School of Government and Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (M.I.T)- Center for Real Estate Development. Over the last 45 years, Feaster’s transaction practice has developed an expertise in numerous areas of the law, including corporate, employment and labor, real estate, contract, licensing and zoning, and probate. Feaster’s extensive resume enables the attorney to appear before the courts in Massachusetts, the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, the First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Undoubtedly, Feasters higher educational background together with his experience in law deserves notice and praise, yet his reach is not limited to solely providing legal counsel. In addition to actively practicing law, Feaster currently serves as an Executive Committee Member for the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, Inc, is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (ULEM), a longtime member of the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association, (MBLA), and serves as Advisory Council for Samaritans Council, among numerous other volunteer endeavors.

Attorney Joe Feaster, the family man.

Equal to his educational history of acquiring several degrees from accredited universities, Feasters long list of accomplishments are evidenced by his various positions in corporate leadership and entrepreneurship. In addition to serving as Of Counsel at MCKENZIE & ASSOCIATES, P.C., for the past 24 years, Feaster has served as past Senior Vice President of the government and community relations firm, Victory Group as the founder and President of Feaster Enterprises, a strategic planning, organizational development, and community outreach consulting firm, and a consultant with North American Management. Feaster recently joined the firm of Dain Topy as Of Counsel.

Attorney Joe Feaster and Dr. Keith Motley

Ethnic Online is proud to recognize Joseph Feaster as an Ethnic GEM


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