Ethnic GEM in the MAKING: Miles McCallum (President, Junior Link)

Ethnic GEM in the MAKING:  Miles McCallum (President, Junior Link)

School:  University of Vermont

Major: Global Studies

State: Burlington VT

Hello, I’m Miles McCallum, it’s my pleasure this year to serve as the Junior Link and President for the Boulder Society Class of 2022. Originally having grown up in Cleveland, Ohio, I’m currently majoring in Global Studies with a minor in Japanese in UVM’s College of Arts and Sciences, and Community and International Development in UVM’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Outside of my classes and degree work I’ve served as president of the Black Student Union on campus and as a resident advisor in Harris/Millis for the past two years.

This past summer I had the opportunity to work on independent research investigating food and agricultural practice on 60s and 70s Vermont counter-culture communes/intentional living communities through UVM’s FOUR office, and, though I’m unsure precisely what I’m looking to do out of college, I know that I’m very interested in continuing research in some capacity going forward. I’m excited to contribute as much as I can to the Boulder Society Class of 2022 and continue to serve next year as a member of the Boulder Society Class of 2023.


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