Cassandra Tucker Brodie Talks Entrepreneurship, Camarbre Makeup Launch, and Mentorship

By: Ethnic Online Editorial Team

Fashion designer Cassandra Tucker Brodie believes that “the ability to keep trying after many failures is one of the most important traits of a successful entrepreneur.”

Cassandra was introduced to fashion and entrepreneurship at the age of six when her mother opened a fabric shop in the small town of Uniontown, AL. Through her mother’s inspiration, Cassandra learned how to sew and soon learned to design fashion. By the time she entered 6th grade, Cassandra was designing Cabbage Patch clothing, and her teacher, Mrs. Bryant, allowed her to sell them to her classmates.

When she started high school, her Aunt and teacher, Vivian Turner, along with the Principal, Walter Collins, gave her the opportunity to design and make the cheerleaders’ uniforms. This experience inspired her to continue pursuing her passion for fashion design. Eventually, Cassandra outgrew her small town and moved to Atlanta to start a career in the Fashion industry.

After modeling for the People Store in Atlanta, Cassandra eventually moved to Boston to complete her undergraduate degree in Computer Sciences. She then started working full-time as an engineer and part-time as a fashion designer. While in Boston, Cassandra also continued pursuing her passion for fashion and maintaining a healthy lifestyle because she believes it is important to look and feel good. Cassandra later added cosmetics to her fashion line with a commitment of ensuring her cosmetics were safe for women.


Cassandra recently introduced her organic, vegan, and all-natural makeup line on her website, and she also has an upcoming luxury trunk show March 1, 2020. She will also launch a ready to wear fashion line in 2020, which will include women’s jewelry, fashion, accessories, shoes, and handbags. The dates for trunk shows and fashion launch will be published on the Camarbre website under events.

Cassandra has always understood the importance of mentorship. It was the informal mentorship she received from others, that provided the foundation for her current career. Cassandra credits her personal and professional growth to the support of teachers and counselors who told her she could do anything, her hard- working and smart mother, and a community that always promoted education.

Cassandra stated, if you would like to see change in humanity, be that change and inspire. It starts with you first.”

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