Violet Blue

Ethnic GEM in the Making: Violet Blue 

School:  Clark University

Major: Computer Science

GPA: 3.2

State: Massachusetts

Written by Wes Webb, Senior Contributing Writer

Joining Clark University’s class on 2022 is New England’s future leader in STEM, Violet Blue, who is determined to break the glass ceiling as women of color in a prominently male industry. A Worcester, Massachusetts native, and coincidently the location of her higher learning institution is where Blue decided to pursue her degree in Computer Science.  “I wasn’t hoping to stay near home, but it worked out so if I need anything, my family isn’t far away,” when asked Blue, why Clark University was institution she chose to further her education. However, Blue always knew she wanted to actively pursue a career in computer science.

“Growing up, I always loved math and science but also had a love for science fiction movies. I was able to see all kinds of gadgets and the possibilities of technology at such a young age and that passion just grew as I got older. Even now, I love how computer science and tech are almost in every industry so there are so many opportunities to explore.”

The future Clark University graduate engages in a wide variety of campus organizations that represent both Violet’s culture and future career endeavors. Since entering the Institution as a freshman, Blue has been a member of the club – CASA (Caribbean and African Student Association), which regularly organizes events on campus showcasing and educating The University and greater community about the Caribbean and African countries and customs. Blue is also an active member of Clark University’s chapter of – ACM (the Association for Computing Machinery) and awarded as this year’s chapter treasurer, and in her junior year, as Publicity Chair.

Over the last four years, Blue has filled leadership roles with honorable organizations on her campus, that both align directly to her passion for science and computers and in addition to cultivating a smooth transition from an ungraduated world to a newly professional lifestyle. After reaching her higher education milestone, Blue stated, “I hope to go into front-end development and product or UX/UI design. Outside of that, I see my-self traveling around the world, while either working remotely or in a hybrid setting or as a freelance software engineer.”

Violet says she has already started compiling a list of countries she’d like to visit, in addition to learning new languages.  “I think the pandemic has taught many of us that you should try to be spontaneous and try not to plan everything out. Of course, some organization skills are important, but I plan to take advantage of my time and explore things I never thought I would do.” – Violet Blue



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