Jade Roy Huntington

Ethnic GEM: Jade-Roy “J.R” Huntington  

Company: FCP Euro

 State: Connecticut

 Written by Wes Webb, Senior Contributing Writer

 The University of Connecticut- alum, and Social Media Manager at FCP Euro, Jade-Roy “J.R” Huntington, is cultivating a new presence in the international car culture. Since his formative years, Huntington has developed a passion for automobiles including the European car community and the people that are a part of it.”. “As an adult my love has evolved to thinking of them as art forms and great expressions of the dreams of designers and engineers which has helped accelerate this passion.” Huntington continues to reveal that his profession brings awareness to the FCP Euro brand, which focuses on educating European car owners, including helping owners shop for car parts confidently and learn how they can work on their own vehicles. This has led FCP Euro to a vast growth in followings on their social media platforms, with content that keeps audiences informed, involved, and engaged.

Jade-Roy earned his bachelor’s in arts and Science as a Communications major, in addition to joining a variety of organizations on the UConn campus. J.R severed as Vice President for Area Council on the Institutions West Campus, performed with the A-Capella group the Rolling Tones, and participated in the UConn Car Club, where she still is an active member. In his senior year Huntington began working more than 30 hours a week for FCP Euro. Inevitably, he found difficulty balancing school fulltime, his social life, and adapting into a new professional life. J.R declares as his mentors, co-worker and friend, Michael Hurczyn, in addition to – Joel Nebres, a Communication Department advisor at UConn. He boasts on acknowledging them both for helping contribute to him ability to conquer these challenges, in addition to helping develop FCP Euro into an overall social media success.

When asked where he sees himself within the next 5 years professionally, Jade-Roy stated,I still see myself with FCP Euro. I’ll have the marketing team fully under my wing helping shape the overall direction of the company using the voice of our customers and people, and company goals. I’ll also continue to be one part of an industry-leading Corporate Social Responsibility team that’s helping lead the Automotive Aftermarket industry to create a more accepting, sustainable, progressive, and hate-free community. FCP Euro will be a 500+ MILLION DOLLAR FAMILY-OWNED COMPANY that not only sells the best parts for European cars, but also is the go-to place for helping folks actually enjoy car ownership.”




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