Ethnic Gem in the Making: Fontaine Chambers

Ethnic Gem in the Making: Fontaine Chambers


School: University of Connecticut
Major: Political Science and minor in Criminal Justice
GPA: 3.72


By: Tammy Patterson, Contributing Writer


Scholarships are EARNED, not given! And because of incredible work ethics instilled in her at an early age along with great vision, we are honored to introduce you to Ethnic Gem in the Making, Fontaine Chambers. This political science major with a minor in criminal justice graduated cum laude from UCONN this spring and destined for greatness!



2016 October Official Photo for EGM Fontiane ChambersHer name has been regular on academic lists of recognition since 2012 including UCONN Dean’s List six times, New Haven Promise Scholar INROADS, Intern of the Year, PEER Inc., Senator Blumenthal’s Recognition Certificate and most recently New Haven Promise Legacy Award. Ms. Chambers, a New Haven, CT native graduated from Wilbur Cross High School and received support from New Haven Promise to supplement her tuition to UCONN.


It’s been said it takes a village to raise a child, well that is very evident in Fontaines life as she has built life time relationships with Patricia Melton (Director of New Haven Promise) Adriana Joseph (Deputy Chief of Youth, Family and Community Engagement), Terrence Smith (Travelers Insurance Company), Rushell Walsh (Travelers – Business System Analyst), William (Bill) Queen (Travelers – President of Ocean Marine), Norma Ortega (Travelers- University Relations Manager), Wanda Hamilton , Joanna Rivera Davis (UConn SSS Advisor) , Lana Crowder (Form Travelers Hartford Claim Center Vice President), and of course incredible steady guidance of her dad!


When I asked Fontaine about some of her hobbies she said Traveling the world and indulging myself in the culture, I was fortunate enough to this past spring semester to study abroad in London, England in a Human Rights Program. While doing so, I was able to visit Marrakech, Morocco; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris, France; Lisbon, Portugal; Rome, Italy, Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany; and Madrid Spain. I enjoy mentoring youth and helping others reach their maximum potential. I love spending time with my nieces and nephews”. Can you imagine having hobbies like this?


Chambers currently works as a General Liability Claim Fontaine Chambers Graduation Photoprofessional with Travelers Insurance in Hartford, CT. This current position started out as a two-year internship. In addition to internship and working in the insurance field, Fontaine has interned in legal firms in Tolland, CT and London, UK. She loves to travel and uses her time to inspire, taking opportunities to lead positively in the community and be the best role model for all.


Ms. Chambers was recently accepted to a Master’s Program at UCONN. It is her plan to become an attorney with her own law firm one day concentrating on criminal or corporate law. I would encourage you to make some time to get to know Fontaine now, because over the next 5 years she plans on having her MPA/JD, she plans on being involved/invested in the community, living in Washington, D.C. I will have traveled to at least 10 more countries. NOTE: All within the next 5 YEARS!



This is why we are honored to feature Fontaine Chambers as an Ethnic Gem in the Making!

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